• General Freshman chemistry (Chem-101 and Chem-102) courses

  • Upper undergraduate physical chemistry (Chem 212 and Chem 311) courses

  • Graduate level physical chemistry (Chem-510, Chem-511 and Chem-512) courses.

  • Several short courses on 'The Teaching of Chemistry' offered to high school teachers of chemistry.

  • Coordinated and Taught over 30 short courses to technical staff in Industry (Aramco, Sabic, Chevron, Sadaf, Spimaco, etc.) on gas and liquid chromatography and on the statistical treatment of data and quality control.

In all the courses and short courses taught my evaluations were invariably excellent.

Nominated many times for and received three times the award of distinguished instructor in the College of Sciences. KFUPM rules prohibit nomination for this award for a period of four years after winning it.


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