• 2005   :    Ph.D., National University of Singapore

  • 1994 :    M.Sc., Baharathidasan University, India

  • 1992  :    B.Sc., Madras University, India




  • 5 Years: Production manager in a Textile/leather processing industries



  • Assistant Professor, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

  • Lecturer., National University of Singapore, 2006-Augest-2009

  • Instructor., National University of Singapore, 2005-2006.

  • Post Doc., National University of Singapore, 2004-2005

  • Research Assistant., National University of Singapore: 2002-2004




  • Excellence in Research Award-2014-2015, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, April 2015

  • Best Research Poster Award, Extraction Technology 2007, Oslo

  • Best Research Poster Award, Asia analysis 2005, Taipei





  • Abdulmumin A. Nuhu, Chanbasha Basheer, Amjad Ashfaque Shaikh, Abdul Rahman Al-Arfaj, Determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in water using nanoporous material prepared from waste avian egg shell. US Patent number: 9146228, Issued September 29, 2015.

  • Chanbasha Basheer, Mousa Yasir Mousa Amayreh, Fully automated analytical method for determination of chloroethers in water and urine samples. US Patent number 9146218, Issued September 29, 2015.

  • Chanbasha Basheer, Abdulelah Ahmed Ali Thabet, Catalyst for electrochemical dechlorination of hydrocarbons. US Patent number: 9079161, Issued: July 14, 2015.

  • Chanbasha Basheer, Hakimu Nsubuga, Micro-solid phase extraction of haloacetic acids. US Patent number: 9075037, Issued: July 7, 2015.

  • Chanbasha Basheer, Mousa Yasir Mousa Amayreh, Dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction method of detecting N-nitrosoamines. US Patent number: 9128106, Issued September 8, 2015.




  • Mentor for Singapore Olympiad team 2006-2008




  • Mentor for Singapore National Chemistry Olympiad completion 2006-2008
  • Coordinator for Singapore Chemical Science Fair (yearly event) 2008
  • Coordinator for National Science Challenge (2007)




  •  Coordinator for European Immersion Program-2009 (organizing a student enrichment trip to Hungary, Slovenia and Austria research universities on May-June-2009).




  •  Organized a two days workshop for Junior college school teachers on “Basic Chromatography” at Department of Chemistry, National University of Singapore, Singapore, June 21-22, 2006.
  • Organized a one-day workshop on “Novel on-site sample preparation for environmental analysis” for environmental chemist and educators at Department of Chemistry, National University of Singapore, Singapore. September-10, 2007
  • Conducted a one-day workshop on “Gas Chromatography made-easy” organized by the Singapore National Institute of Chemistry at Matrix, Bio-police, Singapore. November-20, 2007.
  • Organized “National Science Challenge competition” for school students “Analysis Breath-using functional Nanomaterials” (for the first time National University of Singapore is involved in this activity, it was telecasted in National Channels), August-3, 2007.
  • Conducted one-day workshop on “Liquid-phase microextraction for biomedical applications” organized by the University of Sains Malaysia, Malaysia. May-25, 2008.
  • Conducted a one day symposium on “Preparation for International Chemistry Olympiad” for the Junior College teachers which was organized by Singapore National Institute of Chemistry at Department of Chemistry, National University of Singapore, Singapore. October-2, 2008.
  • Conducted on-day workshop on “Find your soul mate” and “Determination of Sex Hormones in the Environment” for Junior College students at Department of Chemistry, National University of Singapore, Singapore. November-13, 2008
  • Art of Chemistry: Chemistry experiments were conducted to promote Chemistry at School level on 07-March-2009 in conjunction with NUS-Art Festival at Chemistry Department, NUS.





  •  Manager for Agilent-NUS training centre 2006-2007
    to conduct CHROMATOGRAPHY training for the Agilent’s customers (Asia pacific region).




  • Design and Application of Photo Organic Reactions Using Sun Light, 13-ENE-277-04, NSTIP, KACST, 01032014 to 28-02-2016.
  • Developing novel analytical techniques to monitor disinfection by-products and evaluate their fate in the desalination process. NUS-KFUPM project grant March 2015-Feb-2017.
  • Biosynthesis of Silver Nanoparticles and its application for the removal of Mercury from water samples.DSR, May 2015 to 01 June 2016



Completed M.S. Thesis + Ph.D. Dissertations:

  • PhD thesis committee member:
    Student Name: Abdulmumin Abdulkadir Nuhu
    Title: Analytical method development of the analyses of organometallic and organic micro contaminants in Environmental matrices 01-Nov-2009 to 05-Dec-2011

    Student Name: Tawfik Abdo Saleh Awadh,
    Synthesis and characterization of carbon nanotubes composite materials: 01-Feb-2010 08-Jun-2011

    Student Name: Ibrahim Al-Zahrani Chemistry PhD
    Removal of sulfur compounds from crude oil samples using electromembrane approach 07-Mar-2010 05-Mar-2013

    Student Name: Mousa Yaser Amayreh
    Development of Automated Onsite Analytical Methods for Water Analysis: 01-Jan-2012 28-Feb-2014

  • MSc- Thesis supervisor/Member:
    Student Name: Hussein Omar Mohammed:
    Development of an on-site sampling and extraction approaches for the determination of organochlorine pesticides in seawater and sea foods (A study on eastern province of Saudi Arabia) 03-Oct-2010- 07-Jan-2012 Supervisor

    Student Name: Mohammad A. Al-Mutairi:
    Investigation of disinfection by product formation from various process. 02-Oct-2010 02-Jun-2011

    Student Name: Abdullah Abdullah Nagi Al-Swat
    Removal of Thiophene and Benzothiophenes from Diesel by Metal-Oxide Based Sorbents: 04-Apr-2012 12-May-2013

    Student Name: Ayman Alway Saeed Al-Majid
    Methods for Trace Analysis of Organophosphorus Pesticides and Biogenic Amines in Food Samples: 01-Mar-2010 24-Apr-2013 Supervisor

    Student Name: Jamal AlAamri
    Baseline Determination of Selected Organochlorine & Organophosphours Pesticides in the Arabian Gulf & Agricultural Areas: 11-Sep-2011 15-May-2013 Supervisor

    Student Name: Muhammad Abdallah Jaber
    Application of Enzyme to Bioemediate Water from Ethylene Dichloride and Oil: 06-Feb-2012 12-May-2013

    Student Name: Saleh Hamad Al Sharidi
    Development of Visible Light Active Catalyst for Development of Visible Light Active Catalyst for 11-May-2010 05-May-2013

    Student Name: Thabet Adulelah Ahmed
    Detoxification of chlorinated persistent organic pollutant in water: 01-Sep-2010 01-May-2013 Supervisor

    Student Name: Adebayo Segun Biodun
    Removal of methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) from water using non-modified and modified fly ash: 03-Mar-2013 06-May-2014

    Student Name: Mohsen Yahia Al-Shatri
    Derivatization Followed by GasChromatography/Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Organotins and Haloacetic Acids in Environmental Samples.03-Oct-2010 04-May-2014. Supervisor

    Student Name: Nsubuga Hakimu
    Determination of Trace Level Haloacetic Acid, Perchlorates and Chlorophenols in Water Samples Using Microextraction Techniques. 11-Jun-2012 14-Apr-2014 Supervisor

    Student Name: Rami Baha Eldin Elsayed
    Selective and efficient oxidation of alcohols to aldehydes in presence of visible-light-driven photo catalysis: A green organic synthesis approach. 04-Nov-2012 01-May-2014 br />

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