The following publications have been resulted from my work for the PhD thesis, my individual work at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, KFUPM (Dhahran), collaboration with other colleagues from: University of Wales (Cardiff, UK.), University of Jordan (Amman), King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (Dhahran), Jordanian Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company (Naor, Jordan), and as a result of the thesis in which I was the main advisor.


Papers  Published in Internationally Refereed Journals or in Refereed Proceedings of International Conferences and Specialized Symposia


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Abstracts Published In International Conferences   


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I participated in translating and writing the following chemistry books at the University and the    

secondary school levels. The books have been refereed before being printed and prescribed.


§         Book Translation into Arabic: I participated in translating an analytical chemistry   

book for the sophomore university level:  Petrzyk, D.J., and Frank, C.W.,   "Analytical Chemistry"   Academic Press. The book was translated by   Jaber, 

A.M.Y., and Sasa, S., Jordanian Academy of the Linguistics, (1984).  


§         I co-authored two books (Arabic) prescribed by the Jordanian Ministry of Education 

      for the secondary schools (Nursing stream). I was the coordinator for both in addition

      to authorship duties. Jaber, A.M.Y., Al-Soutary, O., Al-Hedmy, J., and Arabiat, S.

"Chemistry", (1980). Jaber, A.M.Y., Al-Weher, M.T., and Al-Keswany, A.M. "Chemistry", (1982).


§         I co-authored a book  (Student Book, Instructor's Manual and Laboratory Manual) prescribed  by the Saudi Ministry of Education covering the Applied Chemistry Curriculum (I) for the Developed Secondary Education program in Saudi Arabia, (1986). I was the coordinator in  addition to the authorship duties.