Fields Of Main Interest







Fields of Research


My main research interests include basic and applied research related to various analytical techniques. My main activities may be  listed under the following research areas:


Constructing and developing ion-selective electrodes and utilizing them in applications related to the analysis of inorganic metal ions and organic species.


Studying the behavior and assay of drugs in their commercial products.  This extends to designing analytical methods for the analysis of pharmaceutical formulations and validating the applicability of theses methods using various analytical techniques.


Conducting studies related to chemical equilibria and metal ion complexation in solution using electroanalytical techniques


Testing  some open chain (polyalkoxylates) polymers and cyclic polyethers (crown ethers) as quantitative extractants for metal ions including rare earths and utilizing spectroscopic techniques for metal ions determination as a means for the assessment of the extraction efficiency.


Characterization of crude oil and petroleum products by using time resolved fluorescence and laser techniques.


        Characterization and compositional analysis of crude oil and oil fractions using gas chromatography technique.

        Environmental analysis

     Conduction a program for the sea water analysis

     Conducting a project pertinent to the separation of phenols from industrial

                      wastewaters using supported liquid membranes.



Analytical Techniques


I am dealing with almost all techniques devised for chemical analysis but the following techniques in particular:


Electroanalytical techniques utilizing ion-selective electrodes and voltammetry including polarography, stripping voltammetry and adsorptive stripping voltammetry.
Atomic spectroscopic techniques including atomic absorption and inductively coupoled plasma.
Molecular spectroscopic techniques including the Uv-visible, infrared and molecular fluorescence techniques.
Gas chromatography and GC/MS techniques
High performance liquid chromatography
Nuclear magnetic resonance
Testing and performance evaluation of  crude oil and petroleum products. 




Joint Research Projects


I am involved in research activities with the Jordanian Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company (Naor, Jordan). In these projects, I direct and supervise research activities pertinent to the design of novel analytical methods for the drug analysis in the various pharmaceutical formulations and validating the applicability of these methods. 


Funded Research Projects


I was involved recently in the following funded research projects:


1. Carrier-mediated separation studies of  phenol from aqueous streams by  supported liquid  

    membranes containing functionalized  polyorganosiloxanes as integrated solvent/carrier

    system; Funded  by the Saudi Basic Chemical Industries, SABIC, 2000-2002, (Principal  Investigator).


2. Spectral Characterization of crude oils using time resolved fluorescence techniques, 2002-2003.     (Co-investigator).


3. Performance Evaluation of the King Khaled Military City Transformer Oil. Funded by the   King   

    Khaled Military City-Hafr El-Batin, Saudi Arabia. 2004. (Principal Investigator).


5. Characterization of Crude Oil by Using Laser. Funded by Saudi Aramco; in progress.    (Co- investigator).