CHE COOP Process

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Feed students:

v  Check your eligibility:

v  Completed 85 credit hours

v  Completed Eng 214

v  Completed CHE 309

v  Cumulative and Major GPA above 2.00

v  IMPORTANT: COOP couldn’t be in the last term of the program

v  Memo from COOP Coordinator to Training

v  Eligibility letter from Training to apply for companies

v  During pre-registration CHE 350 or CHE 351

v  Fill contact guide form and obligation form from Training department

v  Go to training department web page and chose five companies (most likely after career week)

v  If you are planning to do the COOP in a company that is not listed in the training department’s list: COOP Opportunity Form approved by the COOP coordinator.

v  In the last week of the term collect your COOP package from the training department to company

Reactor Students :

v  During the first two weeks, you should ask your mentor to prepare a COOP plan and send it to the training department. It should be signed and stamped by the employer. And e-copy of the plan should be submitted to the COOP coordinator and advisor

v  Hint: Show your mentor the CHE report rubrics  evaluation form and ask him to set you a plan that satisfies that rubrics.

v  COOP students will need to submit 3 progress reports to the COOP advisor by e-mail.

v  IMPORTANT :You should ask your COOP advisor for feedback on the progress report

v  By the end of the 8th and the 28th week remind your mentor to send the company evaluation to the training department.

v  IMPORTANT : the student shouldn’t know anything about the evaluation. It is highly confidential.

v  If you began your COOP in 2nd term you have to register for COOP during summer in early registration.

v  It will be very helpful to begin writing your final coop report during the coop and before leaving the company.

v  Maintain regular contact with your coop advisor and tray to visit him as much as you can if possible

v  IMPORTANT: No one will spoon feed you there you have not only to ask but to be “pushy” sometimes

 Distillation Students:

v Contact the training department and make sure that they received your second company evaluation

v Prepare your final COOP report, give a first draft to your COOP advisor for revision and feed back within the first three weeks.

v  submit  a hard copy of the final draft of your report to your co-examiner and determine  a suitable time for the presentation before the deadline.