Research Interests
General Specification: Chemical Engineering, Reaction Kinetics and Reactor Design

Research Areas:

• Polymer synthesis and characterization.
• Polymer kinetics and reactor engineering.
• Polymer modification.
• Mathematical modeling of polymerization reactors and polymer microstructures
• Polymer Nanocomposites

PhD & Master Student Supervision

PhD Dissertations


1.Ruhul Amin, "Development and Investigation of Environmentally Degradable Plastic Bags in Saudi Arabia", Committee Member


2. Omar Ba-Katheer, “Coplolymerization of ethylene and proplyne in the presence of nanofillers using early trtansition metal

    catalysis” Thesis Supervisor


3. Khaled Elkharsani, “Development of a new cost effective polymer gel for water control in oil and gas wells” Committee member.


4. Shahzad Kamal, “Evaluation of different surfactant-polymer systems for EOR applications in high-temperature high-salinity

    Saudi carbonate reservoirs”, Committee member.


5. Osamah Bindahman "Graphene reinforced environment friendly water soluble polymers" Thesis Supervisor


6. Mohammed Daud, “Effect of Nano fillers on the produciotn of LLDPE using in-situ polymerization" Thesis Supervisor


7. Mohammed Sarfraz, “Development and characterization of mixed-matrix  membranes for carbon dioxide separation”, Committee member


8. Fahad Falqi, “Irradiation of HDPE using electron beam and various fillers”, Thesis Supervisor




M.Sc theses

1. Jabarullah Khan, "Monte Carlo Simulation of Atom Transfer Radical Copolymerization", Thesis Supervisor.


2. Adedigba Abduallateef." Study the effect of modified and non-modified CNT on the thermal and mechanical properties of the natural rubber " Thesis Supervisor.


3. Omar Ba-katheer, “Lead and Chromium Removal from Water by Using Modified and non Modified Carbon Nanotubes”, Committee Member.


4. Abdulkaleel Hanifa, "In situ polymerization of ethylene in the presence of different nano materials" Thesis Supervisor.


5. Saeed Al- Ghamdi " Synthesis and applications of activated carbon from dates balms" Thesis Co-Supervisor.


6. Usamah Dahman, "Measurement of the heat transfer thermal conductivities of nanofluids". Committee member.


7. Omer Bin Sohail “  Effect of Ceramic Nano Fillers on Polyethylene Properties”  Thesis Supervisor.


8. Mukhram Zubair “ Study the effect of  microwave radiation PS-PMM nano composites” Thesis Supervisor.


9. Adamo Sagir, “Synthesis of supported metallocene catalysts and application to copolymerization of ethylene with 4-Methyl-1 Pentene” Committee member.


10. Farrukh Shezhad, " Preparation and characterization of high density polyethylene/graphene nanocomposites by in-situ polymerization" Thesis Supervisor.


11. Sad Eldin Mohammed "CO2 capture, carbon content and lipid analysis of microalgae species", Committee member.


12. Abdullah Khaleel Ahmed, “Kinetic crystallization of polypropylene filled with graphene and carbon nano tubes”, Thesis Supervisor.


13. Hafiz Muhammad Afzal, “Effect of microwave radiation on the properties of polyvinyl alcohol nano composites", Thesis Supervisor.


14. Mohammed Ahmed Aheed AliCO2 capture from the combustion of heavy hydrocarbons: Parametric Model Analysis” Committee Member



Completed M.Sc and PhD Projects for national and international students


1. Mtuthukrishan Elanmukhilan, IIT, Kharaghpur, India ", MS Thesis Co-Supervisor.


2.Mujtahid Kaavessina form King Saud Univeristy, Riyadh." Synthesis and characterization of biodegradable poly (Lactic Acid) and its engineering applications” PhD Committee member,.