Dr. Mohammad Qamar
  •     Deft in the synthesis and characterization of electro- and photo-active nanostructured materials, such as metal carbides (supported and supportless), metal nitrides, metal oxides, metal sulfides, including carbonaceous materials such as carbon nanosheets, carbon nanotubes etc. Focused to develop engineered nanomaterials, such as porous (mesoporous & microporous) materials, shape- and size-tailored materials, metal doping, interfaced or heterostructures, surface functionalization with noble and non-noble materials.

  •       Deft in photo–, photo–electrochemistry and electrochemistry – three-electrode and two-electrode cells, ink/slurry formulation and preparation, thin film electrode preparation on glassy carbon, carbon paper, conductive glass, cyclic voltammetry, linear voltammetry, square voltammetry, rotating disk electrode, rotating ring-disc electrode building reference electrode based on H2 and other redox systems, property measurement of photo-electrochemical reactions, titration, etc.