Courses Taught

       CEM 510: Construction Planning & Scheduling


         (Lean Process), (Resource Activity), (Constr. Delay)

          (Scheduling Constr. Projects)

        CEM 512:Value Engineering


         (SAVE), (Team Work),

          (Think VE), (Cont. Value Enhncmt), (Measuring the

           Performance of VM), (Constructability), (VE and

           Optimal Building), (Charact. for Leverg VM),

           (VE in Design), (VM it is the Law),

           (Using VE Analysis)

        CEM 516: Risk Management

        CEM 517: Construction Safety Management


           (Cost of Accident), (Using Scorecards), (Constr. Safety

           Improvement.), (Work-related Injuries), (Constr. Site

           Safety Role), (Identify Root Cause), (Factors that

           Influence), (Safety Hazard), (Tool to Design),

           (Viability of Design), (Tire Awareness)

         CEM 530: Construction Equipment
        CEM 540: Project Management
         CEM 599: Seminar
        CEM 590: Special Topics in CEM
        CEM 600: Master of Engineering Report  

                            1.  Constructability At Design Offices & Contractors

                            2.  Value Engineering Implementation in the Private

                            3.  Safety Influence on the Productivity of Construction

                            4.  Factors Affection Construction Workers' Safety

                            5.  Study the influence of workers' Attitude on construction

        CEM 610: Thesis

         ARC 399: Summer Training/Workshop  

         ARE 401: Senior Thesis I
         ARE 402: Senior Thesis II
        ARE 414: Contracts and Specifications
         ARE 447: Construction Modeling I

     Courses Taught at the Institute of Public Administration,
        Dammam, SA, Official Assignment by KFUPM:

         (1)  Presented sixteen lectures about various topics related to 
               "Occupational Safety and Improving Work Procedures", 
               for one month, May 1993. [Doc]

        (2)  Presented sixteen lectures about various topics related to
               "Occupational Safety and Improving Work Procedures", 
               for one month, June 1994.

     Invited Public Lectures (Keynote Speaker):

         (1)  Jannadi, O., "Risk Management in Construction",
               Saudi Projacs, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Dec. 1993.

         (2)  Jannadi, O., "Basic Principles of Accident Prevention", 
               KFUPM, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, April 25, 1994.

         (3)  Jannadi, O., "Estimating the Cost of Accidents", 
               The Association for Total Cost
               Arabian Gulf Section, Dhahran, SA, March 26, 1995.

        (4)  Jannadi, O., "Safety and Human Management", 
              KFUPM, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia,
April 5, 1995.

        (5)  Jannadi, O.,  "Site Supervision for Safety”, 
   Saudi Aramco, Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia, 
   Presented Several Lectures, July-August,1996.


         (6)  Jannadi, O., "Construction Engineering and Management  
   Program", Saudi Aramco, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, 
   December, 1996.


         (7)  Jannadi, O., "Behavior-Based Safety Management",
    ASSE-Middle East Chapter, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, 
    October, 2000.

     Curriculum Development:

         Chaired the committee that developed the Master of Eng.
         Program, KFUPM, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, 1996-1998.

     Course Development:

          Revised the course material for CEM 516, “Risk Management,” 
          and developed
a new Course as a Special Topics in CEM, entitled
        "Construction Safety Management", CEM 590.

     Participation in Continuing Education Programs:

        Participated in teaching the following short courses, each 
        course has a duration of one week.

         Effective Construction Management

         Practical Construction Project Control

         Construction Planning and Scheduling

         Construction Safety Management

         Construction Cost Analysis and Estimates

         Contracts & Specifications in Constr. & Maintenance 

         Security and Safety Management

         Safety Management in Construction

         Behavior-Based Safety Management

         Project Planning and Scheduling

         Occupational & Environmental Health & Safety Mngt.

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