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Christ In Islam
by:  Ahmed Deedat.
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Chapter 3: Mother And Son

Mary Honored

            The birth of Jesus Christ is described in two places of the Qur'an - chapter 3 and chapter 19. Reading from the beginning of his birth, we come across the story of Mary, and the esteemed position which she occupies in the House of Islam, before the actual annunciation of the birth of Jesus is given:“ 'Behold'! the angels said: O Mary! God hath chosen thee and purified thee, and chosen thee above the women of all nations” [4] (Holy Qur'an 3:42).

            "Chosen thee above the women of all nations". Such an honor is not to be found given to Mary even in the Christian Bible! The verse continues:“ O Mary! Worship thy Lord devoutly: prostrate thyself, and bow down (in prayer) with those who bow down” (Holy Qur'an 3:43).

Divine Revelation

            What is the source of this beautiful and sublime recitation which, in its original Arabic, moves men to ecstasy and tears? verse 44 below explains:“ This is part of the tidings, of the things unseen, which We reveal unto thee (O Muhammad!) by inspiration: Thou was not with them when they cast lots with arrows, as to which of them should be charged with the care of Mary: nor was thou with them when they disputed (the point)” (3:44).

Mary's Birth

            The story is that the maternal grandmother of Jesus, Hannah, had hitherto been barren. She poured out her heart to God: If only God will grant her a child, she would surely dedicate such a child for the service of God in the temple.


            God granted her prayer and Mary was born. Hannah was disappointed. She was yearning for a son, but instead she delivered a daughter; and in no way is the female like the male, for what she had in mind. What was she to do? She had made a vow to God. She waited for Mary to be big enough to fend for herself.

            When the time came, Hannah took her darling daughter to the temple, to hand over for temple services. Every priest wanted to be the god-father of this child. They cast lots with arrows for her - like the tossing of the coin - head or tail? Eventually she fell to the lot of Zakariya, but not without a dispute.

The Source of His Message

            This was the story. But where did Muhammed, salla-Allahu alihi wa sallam, get this knowledge from? He was an Ummi, Arabic for "unlettered". He did not low how to read or write. He is made by God Almighty to answer this very question in the verse above, by saying that it was all by divine inspiration. "No!", says the controversialist. "This is Muhammed's own concoction. He copied his revelations from the Jews and Christians. He plagiarized it. He forged it".

            Knowing full-well, and believing as we do, that the whole Qur'an is the veritable Word of God, we will nevertheless agree, for the sake of argument, with the enemies of Muhammed, salla-Allahu alihi wa sallam, for a moment, that he wrote it. We can now expect some cooperation from the unbelievers.

            Ask him: "Have you any qualms in agreeing that Muhammed was an Arab?" Only an ignorant will hesitate to agree. In that case there is no sense in pursuing any discussion. Cut short the talk. Close the book!

            With the man of reason, we proceed. "That this Arab, in the first instance, was addressing other Arabs. He was not talking to Indian Muslims, Chinese Muslims, or Nigerian Muslims. He was addressing his own people, the Arabs. Whether they agreed with him or not, he told them in the most sublime form, words that were seared into the hearts and minds of his listeners that Mary the mother of Jesus, a Jewess, was chosen above the women of all nations. Not his own mother, nor his wife nor his daughter, nor any other Arab woman, but a Jewess! Can one explain this? Because to everyone, his own mother or wife or daughters would come before other women.

            Why would the prophet of Islam honor a woman from his opposition! and a Jewess at that!, belonging to a race which had been looking down upon his people for three thousand years? Just as they still look down upon their Arab brethren today.

Sarah and Hagar

            The Jews learn, from the Bible, that their father, Abraham, had two wives Sarah and Hagar[5]. They say that they are the children of Abraham through Sarah his legitimate wife; that their Arab brethren have descended through Hagar, a "bondwoman", and that as such, the Arabs are an inferior breed.

            Will anyone please explain the anomaly as to why Muhammed, salla-Allahu alilhi wa sallam, if he is the author, chose this Jewess for such high honor? The answer is simple he had no choice he had no right to speak of his own desire. “ It is no less than an inspiration sent down to him” (53:4).

The Chapter of Maryam

            There is a Chapter in the Holy Qur'an, named Suratu Maryam "Chapter Mary", named in honor of Mary the mother of Jesus Christ, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him; again, such an honor is not to be found given to Mary in the Christian Bible. Out of the 66 books of the Protestants and 73 of the Roman Catholics, not one is named after Mary or her son. You will find books named after Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Peter, Paul and two score more obscure names, but not a single one is that of Mary!

            If Muhammed, salla-Allahu alilhi wa sallam, was the author of the Holy Qur'an, then he would not have failed to include in it with Mary, the mother of Jesus, his own mother Aamina, his dear wife Khadija, or his beloved daughter Fatima. But No! No! This can never be. The Qur'an is not his handiwork![6].

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[4] I strongly urge every Muslim who can read these verses in Arabic to memorize them with their meanings. Even if you can't read Arabic, memorize the meaning. You will find endless opportunities for sharing these with your friends (Christian). The benefits are many. You must get involved. The days of the professionals are over. Won't you do this a little bit in Islam.
[5] Hagar: was a Princess of Egypt and not a "bondwoman" or a slave woman. The writer will conclusively prove, through every means of logic, that according to Eugenics, according to Judaism, according to common-sense, the progeny of Hagar is superior to that of Sarah, in a future publication entitled - "The Pros and Cons of Israel".
[6] Read - "Al-Qur'an - the Ultimate Miracle." It proves mathematically that no human being or group of human beings and the spirit world put together could have contrived such a Book as the Holy Qur'an.