Christ In Islam
by:  Ahmed Deedat.
Publishing house:  Center for Call & Guidance at Sinaiya, P.O.Box 32628 Jeddah 21438, Tel:(+966-2) 636-3918, Fax:(+966-2) 636-9549.
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Chapter 1: Christian Muslim Responses

Debate on TV
Jesus - His Status
Pleasant Surprise
Hate Cultivated
Ocean of Christianity

Chapter 2: Jesus in the Qur'an

Christians Unaware
Jesus - His Titles
"Eesa" Latinised to Jesus
Many References

Chapter 3: Mother And Son

Mary Honored
Divine Revelation
Mary's Birth
The Source of His Message
Sarah and Hagar
The Chapter of Maryam

Chapter 4: The Good News

"Christ" Not a Name
Some Titles Exclusive
Jews Amazed
His First Miracle(s)
"Mother" or "Woman"?
Jesus Defended

Chapter 5: Qur'anic and Biblical Versions

Meeting the Reverend
"Chalk and Cheese"
Master Dramatizer
The Biblical Version
The Qur'anic Version
Choice for His Daughter
Like Adam
Paul's Innovation
The Sons of God
Begotten Means "Sired"!
Reason for Objection
Brain-washed Inferiority
God is spirit

Chapter 6: Answer to Christian Dilemmas

Going to Extremes
Sensible Alternative
Jesus Questioned
Claimed No Divinity
Reverend at the Table
Choked on "Context"
What is the Context?
Why "Your Law"?
"You are Gods"

Chapter 7: "In The Beginning"

Greek not Hebrew

Chapter 8: What is Left

Three Topics
The Way to Salvation
Miracles, What They Prove
Power not His Own
Borrowed Power
He Groaned
Avoiding Misunderstanding
Case Not Hopeless