Established in 1975, the College of Industrial Management (CIM) offers undergraduate degree programs in Accounting, Finance, Management, Management Information Systems, and Marketing. In addition, the college offers Master’s degrees in Business Administration, and Accountancy. KFUPM's Executive MBA Program is also managed and offered by CIM.

Coordinated by the College Dean, CIM programs are administered by three academic departments: Accounting & MIS, Finance & Economics, and Marketing & Management. All programs are periodically reviewed and benchmarked against leading business programs in the United States and revised to remain topical and current with evolving business trends.

An outstanding faculty committed in its efforts toward continuous improvement, through the adoption of new technologies, emphasis on global perspectives and attention to ethical issues, places the CIM business curricula at par with the leading business programs around the world. All aspects of the program are designed to conform to the AACSB standards.

Management Courses.
MGT 410
MGT 449
MGT 425