Some courses taught by me. The introduction to each course is included. The course outline gives an overview of the entire semester's study. Please click on the link to download the MS-word document.

Course Outline for Strategic Management

This is an integrative course in management that almost all students such as you, anywhere in the world, learn in a formal

 management program. This course deals with the strategic management of organizations. The structure of the course is

built around a formal strategic management process that we will cover in the nine chapters of our text book. In doing so, we will traverse

 an interesting and challenging intellectual path on which we will encounter strategy  formulation – the task of selecting strategies

 and strategy implementation – the task of putting those strategies into action.


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Course Outline for Business Policy

This course is a fundamental course and thus requires the development of in-depth understanding on your part. An instructor can act as a catalyst to generate understanding but the ultimate responsibility of gaining such understanding is that of the learner. This course, therefore, would require active participation by all possible means. I believe active participation can come through attempting to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts and theories. For this you would have to do prior study of the textbook and then come to attend the class.

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Course Outline for Organization Theory & Design

Welcome to the real world of organizations!


This course is about organizations. The concept of organization and organization theory and design is evolving. A lot of research into

 how organizations are formed and how do they work has been done. Much information is available from classical theories of organization. At the same time, we are faced with some special challenges like competing globally, maintaining high standards of ethics and

social responsibility, responding rapidly to customer needs and wants and to myriad environmental changes, managing the

digitalized workplace,and nurturing diversity within organizations. We will get an opportunity to delve into many of these issues in this course

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