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Courses Taught at KFUPM
Propulsion Systems (ME 422 / AE 422)
Fundamentals of Aerodynamics (ME 433 / AE 333)
Fluid Mechanics ( ME311)
Thermodynamics I (ME203)
Senior Design Project (ME411)
Mechanics of Machines (ME309)
Fluid Mechanics Lab.
Aerodynamic Lab
I have also worked as the coordinator of the senior-project course in ME department (during the semesters: 981, 982, 991, and 992), and supervised many senior projects and Co-op students. 
Participation in Short Courses: (Delivered Lectures in the following courses)
Propulsion systems and its applications KFUPM (as a coordinator also)
Turbine and compressor Maintenance and operation, KFUPM
Vibration in Rotating Machinery, KFUPM
Stress Analysis Basics and Applications (design course)
Project management, KFUPM and KACST
Uncertainty analysis in experiments
Thesis Supervision:
Principal Supervisor of a M.Sc. graduated in 2001 (ME).
Currently the Principal Supervisor of a M.Sc. Student ( ME).
Currently the co-Supervisor of a M.Sc. Student ( ME).
Amro Al-Qutub "Heat Engine" , US Patent 5,709,188, Jan 1988.