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Designed and supervised manufacturing  of Four special swimming training benches at Al-Qadessiah Culb in Al-Khobar  1988, and still working up to date
Modified the design of the Ludwig Tube Tunnel ( a supersonic wind tunnel) at KFUPM 1990
Design and manufactured several go-carts (3.5 hp to 11 hp)  single and double seats successfully.(1988-2002)
Designed and built a blow-down facility and test section including the setup for the data acquisition system and instrumentations for conducting experiments on gas seals used in the Space Shuttle Main Engine Turbo-Pumps, (1995)
Supervised the design of the multi-stage water rocket to be used for research in the field of high speed aerodynamics (1999).
Supervised the design of a UAV (unmanned air-born Vehicle) at KFUPM, (2000), the first one to be launched from a catapult. I was responsible for the design of the pneumatic system of the catapult Designed a high temperature
Designed and assembled a high temperature Tribometer complying with ASTM for tribometers at KFUPM, (2001). The coast of such machine is over 120,000 $ in the USA. It was built at KFUPM at less than 15,000 $, with equivalent specifications