Current semester

Statistics for Engineering    Stat319

 Business Statistics I           Stat211

Business Statistics II         Stat212




Past Semesters




I.       Undergraduate Courses

1.      Number theory                                                         Fergana State University

2.     Calculus I, II                                                              Fergana State University

3.   Linear Algebra                                                           Fergana State University

4.   Introduction to Probability and Math.  Statistics.     Tashkent Road Institute

5.      Linear Programming                                                 Tashkent Economical University

6.   Statistics I                                                                  Tashkent Economical University

7.   Statistics II                                                                 Tashkent Economical University

8.      Probability Theory                                                     Tashkent Economical University

9.   Math. Statistics                                                          Tashkent Economical University

10. Probability,                                                                METU, Ankara, Turkey

11.  Mathematical Statistics                                              METU, Ankara, Turkey

12.  Stochastic Processes                                                   METU, Ankara, Turkey

13. Multivariate Statistics                                                 METU, Ankara, Turkey

14. Finite Mathematics                                                     KFUPM, Dhahran       

15. Calculus I                                                                    KFUPM, Dhahran

16. Calculus II                                                                   KFUPM, Dhahran

17. Calculus III                                                                  KFUPM,  Dhahran

18. Probability and Statis. for engine. and scientists,        KFUPM, Dhahran

19. Introduction to statistics                                               KFUPM, Dhahran
20. Business Statistics I                                                     KFUPM, Dhahran
21. Business Statistics II                                                    KFUPM, Dhahran
II. Graduate Courses

1.  Advanced Probability Theory                                       Tashkent State University

2.   Stochastic Processes                                                            Tashkent State University

3.  Statistical Theory I                                                       METU, Ankara, Turkey

4.      Statistical  Theory II                                                    METU, Ankara, Turkey

5.      Applied Stochastic Processes                                      METU, Ankara, Turkey

6.  Linear Models                                                               USM, Penang, Malaysia

7.   Stochastic Processes                                                    USM, Penang, Malaysia


B2. Involvement in Thesis Supervision 

I was involved in supervision of the following students.

Name of Student                                     Degree                                     Date Completed

S. Kurbanov                                               PhD                                           1992

A. Teshabaev                                             PhD                                           1996                                         

Hummieda (USM, Malaysia)                    Master                                        1998

 Yeoh Hong Beng (USM, Malaysia)         Master                                        1998

H. Hasan  (USM, Malaysia)                        PhD                                          2002

M. R. Abujiya. (KFUPM)                              MSc.   (member)                        2003      

Kurbanov C. A. (UWB, Czech )                 PhD                                          2006

 In addition I was involved in supervision of the following Ph.D. students as a second supervisor Yu. Djuraev (1983), S. Kaverin (1989), R. Salahitdinov (1990) and V. Khalilov (1994). I also was involved in supervision about 6-7 Master Theses at different Uzbek universities.