Stat 319 Homework

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The following are homework for Stat319

Ch 1. Descriptive Statistics   

Ch 2. Probability

Ch 3.  Random Variables and Probability Distributions

Ch 4. Mathematical Expectation

Ch 5. Discrete Probability Distributions

Ch 6. Continuous Probability Distributions

Ch 8. Sampling Distributions

Ch 9. Estimation Problems

Ch 10. Tests of Hypothesis

Ch 11. Simple Linear Regression




BS Program

For Prospective Students


The Actuarial Science & Financial Mathematics program is a new program hosted by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. The program has just started in term 111. The program invites students with strong skills in mathematics and quantitative skills to apply. The program combines mathematics, statistics, finance and insurance into one exciting field of study.

Below are some information that may be of interest to prospective students

For more information or application forms, contact the Mathematics and Statistics Department (Building 5, Contact:    Phone: +966 (0) 3-860 2193)