King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals

Department of Finance & Economics





A.        Books

            1.     Hamdan, B. (2003),  " The Saudi Banking Industry: Accomplishments

                    And future challenges ". Dar El-Hilal Press.  Riyadh. Saudi  Arabia.

      2.     Hamdan, B. (2008), "The American Dream in Lebanon, Iraq and the

              Middle East". AuthorHouse, Bloomington, IN, 47403, USA.

B.         Research Published/Presentations:

1.         Hamdan, B. and S.A Al-Shaikh (1998), “Evaluating the performance of the Saudi Arabian Commercial Banks”, proceedings of the conference on “administrative Sciences” New Horizon and Roles in Development,” King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, March 16-18, 1998.

2.         Rudolph, p. and B. Hamdan (1988), “An Analysis for post-deregulation savings-and-Loan Failures”, The American real estate and Urban economics association (AREUEA) Journal, Volume 16, Number 1, 1988 pp. 17-33.

3.        Masih, Mansur  M. and B. Hamdan (2008), " The impact of monetary policy on Deposit and Lending rates in industrial and developnig countries: An application of ARDL Approach", Journal of international Finance and economics (JIFE). Accepted for publication. The JIFE is sponsored by the Baker college center for Graduate studies, Flint, Michigan, USA.

C.        Research Submitted for Review:

1.                  Al-Shaikh, S. A., Hamdan, B. and M. Musa, “Assessing the Mutual Fund Performance Measures: An Empirical Investigation” KFUPM, CIM Working Paper Series # 13-04, 2004.

2.                  Hamdan, B. and S.A Al-Shaikh, “The Efficiency of Mutual Fund Management in an Emerging Market: Evidence from Saudi Arabia”.

KFUPM, CIM Working Paper Series # 14-04, 2004.

D.        Research in Progress:

1.                  Hamdan, B. and Ali Al-Elg," The lending policy in the Saudi Arabian Banking Industry: An application of autoregressive distributed Lag Approach".

2.                  Hamdan, and Ali Al-Elg," The impact of Bank ownership on the credit policies: National Banks versus venture banks in Saudi Arabia".

3.                  Comparative analysis of the Saudi Arabian banking industry with the U. S  banks.

Articles Published in Trade Journals and Newspapers:

1.         Hamdan, B. (2000), “The New Economy”, Al-Watan newspaper, issue No. 80, December 18, 2000 p.17.

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