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Research Activities                

1.         Refereed Journal  Publications :

 2.         Refereed Conference   :


 3.        Funded Research          :                      

  • CIM, AACSB Accreditation Fund Grant  Abulmansur Masih, Ali Al-Elg, and Haider Madani                    "Causality Between Financial Development and Economics Growth:  An Application of Vector                Error-Correction and Variance Decomposition Methods to Saudi Arabia", Applied Economics           

  • Hamdan, Bassam and Al-Elg Ali.  "Evaluating Credit Policies in the Saudi Commercial Banks:  National Banks vs. Joint Venture Banks" ARI Grant No. 015.  KFUPM.

 4.         Independent Projects    :

  • "Lending Policies in the Saudi Arabian Banking Industry":   An Application of Autoregressive                 Distributed Approach", with Dr. Bassam Hamdan

  •  "The Impact of Bank Ownership on Credit Policies:       National Banks versus Joint Venture Banks in Saudi Arabia", with Dr. Bassam Hamdan

  •  "Attitude of Saudis Toward Pure Risk Management"

  •  "Safety Management within Saudi Industries"

  • The Determinants of Saudi Banks Profitability