Ali Osman Oncel

                      Earth Sciences Department-KFUPMDepartment


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Text Box: Dr.Oncel was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey on September 10, 1966.  He is  Turkish citizen and Canadian Resident, married and two kids.  Dr. Oncel is a Seismologist and his experiences cover the parts of seismology in Engineering, Earthquake and Exploring, with particular emphasis on: (i) Engineering Seismology: Refraction tomography and Microtremor survey   (ii) Seismic hazard analysis; (iii) Non-linear/multifractal studies of earthquake and active fault systems and the interrelationships between variables to characterize seismotectonic systems (iv) Coulomb Stress Modeling of active faults and (v) GPS-data analysis in their usage in earthquake hazard.

Geop480: Fall 2006