Instructor: Dr. Ali O. Oncel

Earth Sciences Department, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals


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For a better presentation 

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Picture Quality and Exploration Equipments
I have checked the source of Recorder and recognized that overall the quality of picture is not well.  Then, my suggestion to you is to connect to corresponding author of paper and kindly ask him/her whether he/she could provide you better  pictures of his paper for use of your presentation.  If you not received any respond from the author, you should learn making up by some of software such as Adobe PhotoShop or Microsoft Designer.  Generally, I suggest you to select papers and try to ask authors for whatever information you need more for presentation.  The way in communication is very important.  You should be transparent in writing and explain the reason of your need for additional information.  For example, you can inform author about yourself and the reason of your interest.  Explain, you are asked to give weekly presentation based on weekly paper and you had an interest of his paper to make a presentation.  Beyond provided technical information such as results and methods, you need to put some information regarding the field-based work.  Kindly write that field-based pictures, which explains background of published work, about pictures of blasting or whatever used and pictures of laying out model, deployed seismometers.  Thus, the pictures, which provide a better reflection on the time of work done, might provide a good feedback on your presentation.  For example, you need pictures which are exemplary given:


Any people likes to hear one who used one of his work for any kind of reasons such as presenting or writing a paper.  I suggest you to send one of your draft presentation and ask him to get further possible suggestions or additions.  Thus, you can have a chance to introduce yourself and probably getting some advices for improving your presentations.  It is good way to consider any kind of suggestions for improving your skill in presentation.  Finally, it makes a good think to send a final version of your presentation to whom they contributed.  Sharing makes you most knowledgeable.

Instead of putting some pictures which are common used for teaching, I suggest you to make a contact with person who made the work in which you presented.  For example, find  e-mails of those author which is used for your own presentation and kindly send a request to have some photos which was taken during their works.  Ask them for a more detail about the layout model of their exploration work.  Moreover, make a request them to provide you some videos which you can use for your presentation.  Because, they just use a couple of pictures for paper which reflects the small part of their work.


Try to put information from the part of paper you are going to present.  Put those things aside you are unsure and have problem in understanding.  That is what you can explain well things which are clear for you.  My suggestions to improve your understanding as follows:
a) Visit to your course books
b) Make a search through internet to find relevant information
b) Ask questions through e-mail to corresponding author and wait for his answer
But, please do not any information unless you are satisfied with some part of your presentation.
a) Presentation is not activity for one who might read notes through the individual slides, but it can be just a reading exercises.  Thus, you are strongly recommended not reading
b) Do not give text-based information through your presentation since anyone can have a book and read it but provide much information region-specific and challenges in the work.
c) Presentation is expected to be based on free of text but should include attractive pictures.
d) Spend time to appreciate authors of paper you use for presentation and provide a brief information.  Appreciate any people at the beginning of your talk who provided a discussion or contribution to improve your presentation.  For example, something you do not understand for one subject and asked one who provided you a time to teach something.  That is case you should appreciate him at the end of presentation.  For example, one who helped you to upgrade one of pictures on your presentation.  It is a time to appreciate him.  Finally, you appreciate whom they helped them at the end of your presentation and send a copy of your presentation to let them know about your contribution.

General Observations

Week 1: 

  • To much reading and lack of focusing audience
  • Lower quality of presented picture
  • Titles of slides are missed
  • Picture Free Presentation
  • Transition from large scale map (say map of world) to local scale map (say region of study) is not shown

Week 2: 

  •  Redundant:  To much information in one page
  • Out of context
  • Smaller size in Font
  • Sites or profile should be located on a regional map
  • Lack of relation between speaker and shown pictures
  • Decision on profile selection should be provided

Week 5: 

  • Word to word reading should not make a presentation
  • Much text and much reading but no point over picture
  • Background or template should be fixed or same
  • Significant part of text should be highlighted
  • Region of study should be provided clearly, Google Earth is good source
  • Much information makes audience to loose interest on presented work
  • Less but strengthening some issues might help audience to understand and keeping on interest

Week 6:

  • Providing short information about the author of selected paper may make a positive impact
  • Template is important for a good presentation but white color is not good selection
  • Author name of works in general and presented works should be provided, otherwise no name or no reference work is considered as a simple cheating
  • Titling of individual slides makes audience follow up flowing of presentation
  • To much slides makes a bad presentation

Week 6:

  • A worst presentation is done in which speaker do not include information about the author, region of work and date of publication
  • Trade-off between objective and conclusion should be provided clearly
  • Provided abundant detail beyond objective and conclusion of presented work makes a lecture but not presentation