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Upon successful completion of this course you should be able to:

  1. Use scientific reasoning to identify and understand environmental problems and evaluate potential solutions.
  2. Critically evaluate arguments regarding environmental issues.
  3. See the impact your own live have on your environment
  4. Apply your understanding of environmental issues to your own choices.

  • All reading assignments are to be read in advance and students must be prepared to answer questions. Quizzes will be administrated possibly every week.
  • As per the university regulations all students are expected to attend each and every class. SIX UNEXCUSED ABSENCES WILL RESULT IN A DN GRADE IN THE COURSE. For details, please refer to the Undergraduate Bulletin. Also, for every one unexcused absence beyond two unexcused absence, 0.5% will be deducted from your final grade.
  • In order to qualify for an excused absence, students must submit the official excuse (endorsed by the Dean of Students Affaires) no later than one (1) week following resumption of classes attendance. Unofficial excuses will not be accepted.


  • Issues discussed in the textbook, assignments, handouts, and lectures are subject to be in the quizzes/exams.
  • All reading assignments (chapters and handouts) are to be read prior to classes on the day they are assigned. You are expected to participate actively in the discussion in the classes, and points will be awarded for active class participation.
  • All submissions must be done using computer based tools such as word processors (using 12 points font), spreadsheets etc. Neatness, format organization, clarity and readability will be largely considered in determining grades.
  • Cheating will result in an F grade in the course, and further disciplinary action will be pursued. 


Two Major Exams 40%
Quizzes 20%
Final Exam 25%
Attendance & participation 15%
TOTAL 100%


  • Introduction & Orientation

  • Islam and Sustainability

  • Humans and Sustainability: An Overview

  • Sustaining Biodiversity: The Ecosystem Approach

  • Sustaining Natural Resources

  • Sustaining Environmental Quality

  • Sustaining human Societies


DR. Ali Al D. Al-Ghamdi


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