As Faculty:

Dr. Al-Dakhil-Allah is teaching master courses in the environmental sciences master program in the Earth sciences department. Regarding the research activities, he carried out an environmental research in the field of environmental toxicology where investigated the transfer of the knowledge of international certifying schemes for oil spill treatment products to the Gulf region by the development of a regional toxicity testing, biodegradability and efficiency protocols. In this regard, he submitted a proposal to the Regional Organization for the Protection of the Marine Environment in Kuwait (ROPME) in competition with other Gulf countries. ROPME has accepted the proposal.

He also chaired and participated in several committees, and organized workshops, symposiums, and exhibitions. At the moment he is participating in the image improvement of the university.

As a Consultant:

Dr. Al-Dakhil-Allah has a good experience in the environmental consultancy. The consultancy projects were related mainly to environmental impact assessment (EIA).

Furthermore, as an entrepreneur Dr. Al-Dakhil-Allah is at the moment working as the main consultant for Al-Ola company to establish a logistics and transportation regional company with a capital exceeds 2 SR Billion. The company will also transport hazardous waste and materials.

As a Society Board Member:

Dr. Al-Dakhil- Allah has also, a good experience in establishing and managing professional societies. He was the foundation coordinator of the Saudi Society for Technology Development and Transfer (SSTDT), later on, he became an Executive Director, recently he is a board member of the society.

As a Doctoral STUDENT:

During his doctoral program, he gained a wide experience in the field of Environmental protection and management including techniques of monitoring and biomonitoring of pollutants in seawater, and various evaluation methods of the suitability of organisms as biomonitors. He also learned how to optimize the extraction procedures of metals from the organisms and analyzing them by different methods, such as atomic absorption spectroscopy and inductively coupled plasma emission spectroscopy (ICP).

As a Graduate Researcher:
Upon receiving his BS degree in marine sciences, Dr. Al-Dakhil Allah joined the Research Institute as a Researcher, where he participated in several projects in the field of pollution and environmental control. Later, his research activities were directed towards the investigation of trace organic pollutants, i.e. polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and trihalomethanes in the environment (air, water, food, etc.). He was also in charge of the liquid gas chromatography (HPLC) laboratory.

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