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                                                                           DR. ZAKARIYA AL-HAMOUZ


Thesis Supervision


Ph.D. Thesis Advisor / Member


Student Name:       Ibrahim Y. Al-Hamoudi

Thesis Title:           Performance of silicone rubber insulators in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia

            ( Advisor Completed in August 2002)


M.Sc. Thesis Advisor / Member


Student Name:      Bandar Jubran Al-Qahtani

Thesis Title:           Electromagnetic interference caused by high voltage transmission network and neighboring pipeline: a cost effective design

                                (Member: In progress)


Student Name:      Nabil  H. Al-Abbas

Thesis Title:          Saturation of Current Transformers and its Impact on Digital Overcurrent Relays

                                (Member: Completed- June 2005)


Student Name:       Mohammed Abu Sada

Thesis Title:           Cost effective design of conventional type distribution transformers using optimization techniques

             (Advisor: Completed- June 2004)

Student Name:       Naji Al-Musabi

Thesis Title:          Design of optimal variable structure controllers: Applications to power system Dynamics

             (Advisor: Completed- June 2004)


Student Name:      Riyadh Al-Umair

Thesis Title:          Fault section estimation in power systems (Member: Completed in May 2000)


Student Name:     Tawfiq Al-Saba

Thesis Title:         Transmission system expansion planning using artificial intelligent tools

                               (Member: Completed in November 99)

Student Name:    Mohammed Rafiqul Islam

Thesis Title:        Microcontroller based unity power factor convertor

                     (Member: Completed in August 96)


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