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Associate Professor of Applied Signal Processing

Dean, Entrepreneurship Institute

Dr. Wail A. Mousa


My Research Work

Research is a very important component of a nation’s development and progress. Without research, countries would lag in terms of the cutting edge science and technology required to advance. Therefore, as a citizen who holds a Ph.D. and wants to contribute his share to his beloved country, I enjoy research and publishing. The amount of work and time it takes sharing ideas with reviewers, as well as the process of exchanging thoughts with each other, is a very important aspect to the development of novel work and solid research contributions.


I have published more than 43 papers between refereed well known DSP and Applied Geophysics journals and conferences and a few issued and pending patents, where more than 90% are related to signal processing of seismic data processing and other geological data. Also, I have been working closely with our Earth Sciences colleagues at KFUPM and Saudi Aramco Researchers on various topics related to processing of seismic data. Such constant scientific discussions and efforts have resulted in many referred published journal papers, two published books, two contracts for textbooks and a few patents. From the grant we received from King Abdullah University for Science & Technology (KAUST), myself and colleagues from Earth Sciences at KFUPM and KAUST have jointly developed a geophysical model of the Red Sea. The data set is considered as a benchmark model for testing new algorithms for seismic migration and imaging and the models are available at: https://wiki.seg.org/wiki/KFUPM-KAUST_Red_Sea_model . These research as well as teaching efforts, have triggered a very important collaboration between KFUPM and Georgia Institute of Technology, where both will be investing time and money together working mainly on Geo-Signal Processing research and teaching. The collaboration have been lasting for 6 years.


My Research Interests

My research interests are in the areas of Digital signal and image processing and their applications in geophysics, with particular emphasis on Seismic Data Processing. Additional interests include design and implementation of digital filters including wavefield extrapolation filters, image segmentation and their applications related to geophysical and geological data. I have recently started developing interests in compressive sensing with applications for seismic data.




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