CSE 693 - Spring 2008

Radio Resource Management


Uthman A. Baroudi


Building 22, Room 144, Phone: 4283

Office Hours: SSMW: 11 - 12 noon or by appointment


Course Description

The advent of wireless and wired networks convergence and as the Internet is increasingly becoming the tool for a wide range of technical, economical and industrial applications, resources management becomes very crucial and vital issue for any future networks. The objectives of this course are to focus on resource management and performance analysis in transporting multimedia traffic in wireless communication networks. Topics include: traffic characteristics, connection admission control, packet scheduling, access control, and mobility and handoff management.



Chapter 0  Introduction   Wireless Network Models   Principle of Cellular Systems 

Handover   Transmitter Power Control  Dynamic Channel Assignment  DS-CDMA in Wireless Networks

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Midterm Exam  

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