Lecture Slides

1. Ad hoc Networks Overview   Introduction to NS-2
2. Medium Access Control I    Supplementary Material
3. Medium Access Control II     
Introduction to Network Simulator 2 part I   
Introduction to Network Simulator 2 part II  
Artificial Neural Networks  
Extra material for Artificial Neural Networks  
4. Deployment     

5. Localization    

6. Mobility Models I 
7. Mobility Models II    
8. Omni vs Directional Antennas  
9. Synchronization Asymptotic Notation
10. Routing Protocols I  Asymptotic Notation
11. Routing Protocols II   Linear Programming 
12. Routing Protocols III  
13. Adaptive AcK vs Two Ack  
14. Power Control I   
15. Capacity Regions   
16. Sleep-based Topology Control