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This course is designed to give students the experience of tackling a realistic engineering problem. The intent is to show how to put theoretical knowledge gained into practical use by starting from a word description of a problem and proceeding through various design phases to end up with a practical engineering solution. COE faculty in their respective specialization areas offers various projects. The project advisor guides the student in conducting feasibility study, preparation of specifications, and the methodology for the design. Detailed design and implementation of the project are carried out followed by testing, debugging, and documentation. An oral presentation and a final report are given at the end of the semester.

Prerequisite: Senior standing.


Grading Policies:

  • Proposal 10%

  • Progress reports 30%

  • Final report 30%

  • Final Presentation / Demo  30%


  1. First Organizational Meeting:
    The first meetings will be on the organization of Senior Design Projects and project selection. 

  2. Project Descriptions:
    Project descriptions be posted on WebCT COE Senior Design Project

  3. Proposal
    Work out carefully a complete project proposal including action for the entire semester. The proposal should have sufficient details. You should clearly indicate your targets, and how you will achieve them.  Make a careful study of the resources required for your project, e.g. references, software, hardware components, boards, etc.

  4. Regular Meetings and Attendance
    All students are required to attend the senior design scheduled meetings. The first meeting will give some guidelines on how to select and carry out a senior design project. There will be regular meeting to discuss your progress.

  5. Progress Reports
    You are required to submit bi-weekly progress reports during the term. 

  6. Final Project Report
    A final project report should be submitted that comprehensively illustrate the accomplished work in the project.

  7. Presentation
    Each student will be scheduled to give a formal presentation of the findings of his project.