Secure Data Splitting

 Duration: 1 semester

 Number of students: 1 student

 Brief Description:        
A digital design is needed for a circuit that will be given a string of K-bits and a integer number N, and it should provide us with N parts. Each part by itself will have no information about the original data. Even N-1 parts should have no information about the original data. The reverse operation is also required, given the N shares; the circuit should be able to give us the original data.

 Prerequisites: Knowledge or hardware modeling language is preferred

 Deliverables:    1) A design for the partitioning circuit.

                         2) A design for the reconstruction circuit.

                         3) A model for both in a hardware modeling tool  

                         4) A working prototype

                         5) A final report including manuals, test reports, bugs fixes, and future recommendations.