COE 308 - Computer Architecture

Assignments - Spring 2009


Muhamed F. Mudawar

Office: Building 22, Room 328, Phone: 4642

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Assignment 7: Not Graded

Memory Hierarchy

Assignment 6: Not Graded

Pipelined Processor

Project 2: Due Friday, June 12, by Midnight

Project Description: Pipelined Processor Implementation UPDATED

Project Evaluation Form

Logisim version 2.2.0

Website for Logisim

Assignment 5: Not Graded

Single-Cycle Processor Implementation

Assignment 4: Not Graded

Performance and Metrics

Assignment 3: Due Saturday, April 11

Floating-Point Representation and Arithmetic

Project 1: Due Tuesday, April 21

Project Description: Writing, Simulating, and Testing MIPS Assembly Code

Project Evaluation Form

MARS: Mips Assembler and Runtime Simulator (user friendly)

Assignment 2: Not Graded

MIPS Instructions and Assembly Language

Assignment 1: Not Graded

Computer Abstractions and Technology


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