Take Home Quiz 00

Due: (This one is not due!)


(1) Solve all questions yourself.

(2) All question are open-book and open-notes.

(3) You are encouraged to discuss the questions, but must write the solutions independently.

(4) No two solutions should be identical!

(5) Submit all answers through E-Mail.

(6) Use MS-Word, and attach it as a file with file Name:


where ST991234 is your student ID No., and nn is the THQ number (01, 02, ...)

(7) Each Word file should also have your Name, ID, Date, and Take Home quiz No.

(8) The Subject in the E-Mail should follow the format:


Good luck!

Due: E-mail by, Saturdays three days after posting day (usually Wednesdays) by 9:30 PM

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