Dr. Nouri M. Hassan

Curriculum Vitae




2003, Ph.D, (Analytical Chemistry) Carleton University, Department of Chemistry, Ottawa, On, Canada,

Thesis: Metal Speciation Dynamics in Freshwaters: A kinetic exploration

1993, M.Sc. (Industrial Chemistry) Grayounis University, Department of Chemistry, Benghazi, Libya

Thesis: Fundamental Studies on the Transport of Manganese Across Supported Liquid Membranes (SLM)

1987, B.Sc. (Chemistry) Grayounis University, Department of Chemistry, Benghazi, Libya


Work Experience

Assistance Professor 2009-present

King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM)

Department of Chemistry

Research Associate

Worsfold Water quality Centre (2006-2009)

Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Postdoctoral fellow

Environmental Health Sciences Bureau (2003-2006)

Safe Environments Directorate, HECS Branch, Health Canada.



Tent University (Graduate program)  (2008-2009)

Supervise graduate and undergraduate students

Trent University (Water quality Centre) (2006-2009)

Chemistry Instructor

Grayounis University, Chemistry Department  (1993 – 1995)

Teaching Assistant

Carleton University, Chemistry Department (1998 – 2003)

Grayounis University, Chemistry Department (1983 – 1987)

Industrial Experience

Chemist, Technique Inspection and Engineering Service, Malta (1995 – 1996)

Chemist, General Electrical Company, Benghazi-Libya (1987 – 1994)

Laboratory Manager

Carleton University, Chemistry Department (1998 – 2003)

Graduate Student Association Councillor (2000-2001)

Carleton University, Graduate Student Association                                                                    

Graduate Student Representative

Canadian Institute of Chemistry (CIC), Ottawa Section (1998 – 2001)


Session Chair for the following international conferences:

89th Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC) Conference, Halifax, Nova Scotia, May 27-31, 2006.

87th Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC) Conference, London, ON, May 29-June 1, 2004.

85th Canadian Society for Chemistry Conference and Exhibition, Vancouver, BC, June 1-5, 2002.

6th International Conference on the Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements, Guelph, ON, July 29-Aug 2, 2001

44th International Conference on Analytical Sciences and Spectroscopy, Winnipeg, MB. Aug 13-16, 2000

XXVI Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies Conference, Vancouver, BC, October 25-29, 1999