Dr. Md. Hasan Zahir


Research Interests


Exploration of Nano-Structural Ceramic Materials Towards Clean Energy and Pollution Free Society

The chemistry I want to do is nanocomposite transition-metal oxide catalysts design and their applications for environmental chemistry.

I am interested to investigate, understand, and apply advanced materials such as functional oxide thin films and nanostructures oxide powders or electrodes in nanotechnology and for the design of highly selective energy-harvesting applications. Based on my long experience in the field of nanostructure oxide powders synthesis and their application, I would like to investigate multi-component nanostructured oxide for selective reduction of NOx (NOx = NO + NO2) catalysts (future research plan-1), microporous nanocrystalline oxide membranes for hydrogen separation (future research plan-2) and novel porous ceramic material for solid oxide fuel cell (future research plan-3). Based on these research activities, finally I will try to propose an environmentally benign energy system. I will fabricate the materials which can have significant performance. For example, the performance of the SOFC (Solid Oxide Fuel Cell) was reported in the journal of Science quite recently [Science 325, 852 (2009)].


Areas of Specialization & Previous Research Accomplishments

1)      7/2007-4/2010

Solid Oxide Full-Cells


Design and Fabrication of Lightweight, Submillimeter Tubular Solid Oxide Full-Cells, worked at National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science & Technology, Japan


2)      4/2003-7/2007

Hydrogen Separation Membrane


Synthesis Nanocomposite by Sol-Gel Method and Fabrication Inorganic Mesoporous Membrane for H2 Gas Separation & its Hydrothermal Stability and transparent laser ceramics synthesis, worked at Japan Fine Ceramics Center, Japan


3)      4/2000-4/2003

De-NOx Catalysts


Hydrothermal Synthesis Nanofiber, Nanocomposite, Pyrochlore and Spinel type Powders. New Cleanup Technology for Diesel Exhaust by Using Honeycombs wash-coated Ceramic Reactor modules, worked at Fine Ceramics Research Association, Japan.


4)      10/1995-10/1999

Complex Ions


Preparation of Phthalocyanine (3-) Species as Bulk Material by Reduction of the Dichloro(phthalocyaninato)Antimony(V) Complex Cation Under Air-free Conditions, worked at National Research Institute for Metals (Present name NIMS), Japan.


5)      10/1995-10/1997



Polymer Membrane with Multienzyme Coated Biosensor for Glucose and H2O2 Sensor,            worked at the University of Science, Malaysia


6)      4/1990-4/1995

Purification and Coordination Chemistry of Rare Earths


Extraction and Separation of Rare Earths Using a Combination of the Di(2-ethyl hexyl)phosphoric Acid and Three Adductants into Kerosine/Chloroform. And Calixcrowns-Interactions with Metal Cations. Ph.D research course at Kobe University, Japan