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They know enough who know how to learn

Adel A. Abdou

They know enough who know how to learn





The fellow who does things that count, doesn't usually stop to count them





      Contributions to Books

My Ph.D. research work  on directional information of sound fields in reverberant enclosures employing the measurements of the instantaneous sound intensity vector has been referred to and documented (with permission) in a book titled “Room Acoustics”, 2nd Edition, (1995), by F. J. Fahy, pp. 248, 249, published by E & FN Spon, ISBN 0-419-19810-5.

      Ph.D. Thesis


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A. Abdou, “Transient Sound Intensity Measurements for Evaluating the Spatial Information of Sound Fields in Reverberant Enclosures” Ph.D. Thesis, Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, Centre for Building Studies, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, November (1994). 


Research Proposals

  ABS:PDF   Budaiwi, I., Abdou, A., Al-Rugaib, T., and Al-Homoud, M., Total Indoor Environmental Quality and Space Utilization in the KFUPM Main Library”, Research Proposal, (2001).
  ABS:PDF   Budaiwi, I., Abdou, A., Al-Homoud, M., Thermal Conductivity Measurements of Common Insulating Materials under Different Operating conditions”, KFUPM Funded Research project, Proposal Report, (1999).
  ABS:PDF   Al-Homoud, M., Budaiwi, I. , Abdou, A., and Khaiyat, S.,  Thermal Design and Air-Conditioning Operation Strategies of Mosques in Hot-Humid Climates of the Kingdom”, KACST Funded Research Project, Proposal Report, (1998).

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