RULES: Usually 5 or 10 questions.  Multiple choice & T/F.

Sunday, MARCH 4  Quiz 1.  All material from Feb 18 to/including Feb. 27.  Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch 8,  PLUS the following:

3 Characteristics and 4 Steps of Communication.     A Model of Comm.,       Monolith of Misunderstanding,   Filter of the Mind    Listening ,  9 Keys to Effective Listening.            How to Reach Different Audiences        Methods of Organization and Channel Richness Chart     Credibility

Bad News communication is NOT ON QUIZ 1.


Sunday, MARCH 18  Quiz 2.

On all work since last quiz, up to and including March 13.    

That means chapters in the textbook (Chapter 2, pages 64 to 71; and Chapter 9 on Bad News, Ch. 13), and all WEBSITE links, web articles, plus lectures.  Bad News 4-step process is included here How to Give Bad News .


Sunday, APRIL 29 Quiz 3.

Chapters 11 & 14 in the textbook about slides & visuals, and all links, handouts, in and out of class, plus lectures since the last quiz including writing strategies and tactics. Plus the following website articles 


How to make a Good First Impression  

Impression Presentation  

Presentation Survival Tips.





Sunday, May 20  Quiz 4.

On all special hardcopy handout articles and related information from class lecture and website on SHORT REPORTS.