(OPSS) Oral Presentation  Skills Sessions



Suggestions for your MGT 210  Presentation Skills Sessions



Remember: Be there, be on time, be prepared, be professional    or . . . be sad with your result.



NOTE: All audiences are friendly (your fellow classmates), unless Hostile Audience has been written next to the suggested topic below.


You can choose your OWN TOPIC – no problem.

1) Present about safe driving tips.  Get information about Saudi accidents, deaths, and other statistics to INFORM your audience.  Then give recommendations for safety.

2) Choose two effects of the global economic crisis and present them.

3) Make a survey of your college students.  Ask them their favorite one from 3 categories.  You make up the categories.  Give a full explanation of how you did the survey, and then give the results.

4) Show how students spend their SR 1,000 each month.  Make a survey of students from your college and students from another college of KFUPM.  A pie chart is probably very useful here.

5) Interview of Saudi businessman and tell your audience his history, his business and how he became successful.  then offer suggestions for students to follow the successful ways of this man you chose.

6) HOSTILE AUDIENCE.  You will persuade students that buying textbooks for courses is good for them.  Use the proper method and appeals.

7) Give information about a club, hobby, group or organization that you belong to.  Include the goals, benefits, good points, bad points, activities, important achievements.

8) Give a presentation about a person who was a big, positive influence on your life.  Then describe the points about this person that influenced you, and what you learned from the experience that made you a better person.

9) Or,  present information about a person who was a big negative influence on your life (without giving his name). Then describe the points about this person that influenced you, and what you learned from the experience to make you a better person.

10. Present  your idea for a new business that fills a need of people that has not been filled yet, or at least not too many people have opened businesses to fill this need.

11.  Choose 1 idea, or strategy, or tactic that will improve a person’s life.  Tell what it is and how the person can improve himself with it.

12.  Present your opinion about the best _________, according to you.  PERSUADE us that you are right.