Short Courses Offered for Industry

KFUPM, Saudi Arabia

    Mechanical and Metallurgical Evaluation of Materials                    1974

    Pipe Materials and Their degradation                                             1986

    Manufacturing Properties and Process of Metals and Alloys         1986

    Short Course in Corrosion Engineering                                         1988

    Short Course in Theory and Techniques of Corrosion                   1988

    Training Program for Electron Microscopy for Saudi Aramco, Dhahran

    Short Course in Basic Corrosion Engineering                               1990

    Short Course in Corrosion Prevention                                          1991

    International Workshop on Flow Induced Corrosion                      1991

    Bio-fouling in Heat Exchangers     (as Instructor)                          1991

    Failure Analysis of Materials               (as Instructor)                    1991

    Mechanical Behavior of Materials     (as Instructor)                     1991

    Basic Corrosion Engineering                                                        1992

    Failure of Components in Industry                                               1992

    Corrosion Prevention in Industry                                                  1993

    Science and Technology of Corrosion and Corrosion Protection 1994

    Corrosion Prevention                                                                   1996

    Corrosion Prevention and Corrosion Monitoring                          1997

    Corrosion and Corrosion Control (In-house) SABIC                     1998

    Short Course in Corrosion Control in Industry (SCECO), Abha    1999

I was the Coordinator and Principal Instructor for these courses.  These courses are highly popular and rated very highly by the industry and KFUPM Educational Services, and Mechanical Engineering Department.