Industrial Projects Completed (1972-1977)


1       Control of degradation of hot water pipes in a residential complex of Sakai Corporation, Tehran, Iran (1973). 

2       Control of condenser tubes failures in power plants run by Tavaneer Corporation, Tehran, Iran (1973-1975). 

3       Analysis of material failures in aircraft accidents, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Tehran, Iran (1978). 

4       Protection of materials, coatings, and materials evaluation, Ministry of War, Tehran, Iran (1973-74). 

5       Evaluation of offshore steel structures, Ministry of Shipping, Tehran, Iran (1982-83). 

6       Evaluation of problems and selection of materials for desalination plants, Institute of Water and Energy, Iran (1973-1977). 

7       Control of condenser tube failures in power plants, Tavaneer Company, Tehran, Iran. 

8       Corrosion Problem in Steel Plants, Karachi, Pakistan (1985). 

9       Corrosion in Power Generation System (Abha, K.S.A.) 1999.