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Dr. Irfan Ahmad

Dr. Irfan Ahmad is an Assistant Professor in the Information and Computer Science department at KFUPM. He received his PhD in Computer Science from TU Dortmund, Germany in 2017 and MS in Computer Science from KFUPM, Saudi Arabia in 2008.


Dr. Ahmad's research interests are in the areas of AI and pattern recognition including machine learning and deep learning, document analysis and recognition, natural language processing, and AI in software engineering. Dr. Ahmad has published several articles in peer-reviewed journal and international conferences. In addition, he has authored a book chapter and 3 US-Patents. Dr. Ahmad has participated in several funded research projects and has been invited to review manuscripts in well-known journals and conferences in his area of expertise. He is also an academic editor of PeerJ Computer Science journal.

last edited on 28-01-2022