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CHE-201: Introduction to Chemical Engineering

Powerpoint file I have used to lecture on chapter 6 "Multiphase Systems" is uploaded in the lecture page. Please feel free to download it and share it. I have also uploaded the complete solution of problem 6.52 in which Newton's Method is used. Matlab code I made can be also shared if you are interested.

CHE-402: Kinetics and Reactor Design:

PowerPoint presentation files are under preparation and will be loaded once they are finished.


   Conceptual Discussion

    The steady-state and unsteady-state are two concepts related to open systems (almost all continuous chemical engineering processes are open systems). steady-state is achieved when the state of the system doesn't change with time, but the system is not at thermodynamic equilibrium (i.e. the process inside the system didn't stop and the stationary behavior with time is due to the balance between the input, output, and processes taking place in the system). the thermodynamic equilibrium is stationary with time for isolated and closed systems because all processes have stopped, and the nonequilibrium system is changing with time but tending to the thermodynamic equilibrium state.