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Nayef M. Alsaifi, Ph.D.

Graduate Advisor
Office Location: Building 16, Office no. 234
Mail :    BOX 16 Dhahran 31261
Phone: (966) 13-860-2194
Fax:      (966) 13-860-4234

Research Interests
Statistical mechanics of structures, phase transitions in simple and complex fluids, thermodynamic modeling of associating and polarizable fluids, bifurcation analysis, modeling of gas hydrates , Optimization methods

Dr. Nayef Alsaifi has special interest in developing statistical mechanical theories for simple and complex fluids including polar, associative and polyelectrolyte solutions. The interest in understanding the nature of multi-body forces led him to develop a general theory for any kind of polarization arising from polar molecules and ions based on self-consistent mean field theory. His research methodology is also concerned with quantitative prediction of multiphase systems using statistical mechanical theories without input from experiments. For complex systems, he also contributed to developing qualitative theory for understanding the role of salt ions on phase separation of supernatant and coacervate phases in polyelectrolyte solutions. Recently, he developed a new method to pinpoint unphysical behavior from any thermodynamic model using bifurcation analysis. This method was described by reviewers as “a rather intriguing and novel way”, “an interesting technique” and "outstanding".

Selected Publications

Nayef M. Alsaifi, Mohammed Alkhater, Housam Binous, Isa Al Aslani, Yousef Alsunni, and Zhen-Gang Wang. "Nonphysical Behavior in Several Statistical Mechanically Based Equations of State". Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. 58 (3), 1382–1395, 2019.

Pengfei Zhang, Nayef M. Alsaifi, Jianzhong Wu, and Zhen-Gang Wang. "Polyelectrolyte complex coacervation: Effects of concentration asymmetry". The Journal of Chemical Physics. 149, 163303-163315, 2018.

Pengfei Zhang, Kevin Shen, Nayef M. Alsaifi, and Zhen-Gang Wang. "Salt Partitioning in Complex Coacervation of Symmetric Polyelectrolytes". Macromolecules. 51, 5586-5593, 2018.

Muhammad S. Waseem and Nayef M. Alsaifi. “Prediction of vapor-liquid-hydrate equilibrium conditions for single and mixed guest hydrates with the SAFT-VR Mie EOS”. The Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics. 117, 223-235, 2018.

Nayef M. Alsaifi, Isa Al Aslani, Housam Binous, Zhen-Gang Wang. "A priori determination of the region of the three physical volume root loci in the Perturbed-Chain SAFT EOS". Fluid Phase Equilibria, 434, 152-166, 2017.


Year           Name                                                 Thesis Title

2019           Jaber Al-Jabri                                    Modeling of Hydrate Phase Transition using Mean Spherical Approximation (MSA) Model

2017           Muhammad Saad Waseem            Thermodynamic modeling of the incipient conditions for single and mixed gas hydrate systems

2016           Mohammed Alkhater                       Evaluation of Various References and Perturbation Terms of the Thermodynamic Perturbation                                                                                            Theory of the First Order

2016           Yousef Alsunni                                   Critical Evaluation of the Pitfalls in the PVT Behavior Arising from Hard-Sphere Chain and                                                                                                     Association Theories

2015           Isa Ataallah Al Aslani                        Bifurcation and Stability Analysis of Multiple Molar Volume Roots for Statistical Associating Fluid                                                                                       Theory

2015           Saifuddin Ahmed                                The Role of Electrostatic Interactions in The Prediction of Phase Equilibrium of DME Mixtures                                                                                              Using SAFT EOS