SE-311: Digital System Design ( 2-3-3)

Instructor: Dr. Samir Hasan Al-Amer     Office: 22-141 Phone: 3749   Email :

Office Hours: Sat., Mon: 12:20-1:30 ,     Sun, Tue :  12:00-1:00

Course Objective:

To introduce the fundamental concepts of digital logic, including analysis and design of combinational and sequential circuits.

Catalog Description:  Binary arithmetic.  Boolean Algebra.  Boolean functions and their simplification.  Implementation of Boolean functions using Logical Gates. SSI, MSI, and LSI chips.  Analysis and Design of Combinational circuits.  Sequential Logic: Flip-Flops, Counters, and Registers. Analysis and Design of sequential circuits. Basic elements of digital Computers: Register-transfer, Micro operations, Instruction codes, Processor organization Arithmetic Logic Unit.

Prerequisite:  EE 203

Textbook: M.M. ManoDigital Design, 3rd edition, Prentice Hall, 2002


University regulations regarding attendance will be strictly enforced.

Homework: The purpose of the homework is to develop skills in analysis and design of digital logic and systems. It is not to give you busy work or drill. Don't think of your homework paper as a certificate proving that you have done the assignment. Think of it as an exercise in learning and in reporting what you have learned. Homework must be submitted on time. No credit will be awarded to late homework.

Exams: No makeup exam will be given for any reason.


Attendance and homework 8%

Laboratory and Projects


Quizzes  17%
Midterm Exam 25%
Final 30%