CISE 412: Mechtronics(2-3-3)

The course is offered in Term 082. Syllabus and lecture notes will be posted soon.


Catalog Description: Mechatronics is the synergistic integration of mechanism, electronics, and computer control to achieve a functional system. Fundamentals of interfacing of modern mixed electrical, mechanical, and computers systems.  Sensors, Signal Conditioning, Electro-Mechanical Actuation, Basic System Modeling, Essentials of Dynamic Systems, Data Acquisition and Virtual Instrumentation, and  PC-Based and Embedded Controllers. Physical properties, mathematical modeling for computer simulation. Applications illustrated by numerically and experimentally  generated results.


Prerequisite:          CISE 313  .

Objectives: To introduce students to the basic concepts of synergistic integration of mechanical, chemical, electrical, electronics and computer systems


Learning Outcomes:


1.      Describe the fundamental concepts of electromechanics

  1. Apply electromechanics fundamental concepts to the modeling, analysis, and control of brushed dc motors, stepper motors, brushless dc motors, solenoids, and actuators
  2. Use sensors and actuators for intelligent robotics
  3. Grasp operating principles and physical/mathematical models of a variety of analog and digital motion sensors
  4. Describe the key issues in hardware implementation of analog and digital actuators.