CISE 318: Computer Control Systems

Catalog Description:  Elements of Computer Control Systems, A/D and D/A, Sampling theorem, signal conditioning, anti-alias filters, sensors, actuators. Discrete time systems, digital control design, digital PID control. Programmable logic controllers, computer control technology including distributed computer control, fieldbus technology, and OLE for process control.

Prerequisite:    CISE 302  

Course objectives:

To introduce students to basic concepts in computer control systems from the different aspects of design and implementation. The course aims to introduce students to the application of computer control in industrial systems to a achieve high performance operation. This course is an integration course that demonstrates complete closed loop functionality. The course also introduces some important computer control technology used in modern industry.

Learning Outcomes:

  Toward the end of the course, the student must be able to do the following

1.            Identify the importance of computer control in industry.

2.            Grasp the concept of discrete-time system modeling using shift operator.

3.            Represent systems through discrete-time equations and transfer functions.

4.            Design digital controllers for different systems.

5.            Interface computers to processes and sensors.

6.            Program and use Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), and identify applications where they are beneficial.

7.            Describe the DCS structure and its implementation.

8.            Recognize Fieldbus technology and how is it used in industrial networks.

9.            Recognize the need for OLE for Process Control (OPC) and how it is utilized to gather data.