Dr. Mazen M. Elrougi

Assistant Professor of Systems Engineering – KFUPM

Dr. Scott J. Mason

My advisor during my PhD studies at U of A


I was influenced by them..

The following people have influenced me significantly and gave me the interest in research in the field of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research and also showed me more than enough support when needed.

Dr. Mokhtar Bazaraa

Professor Emeritus— Georgia Institute of Technology


Dr. John W. Fowler

Professor of IE at Arizona State University

Dr. Edward A. Pohl

Associate Professor and John L. Imhoff Chair in Industrial Engineering at U of A

Dr. Mary B. Kurz

Associate professor of IE at Clemson University

R. Maj. Gen. Marzoug Elrougi

Former General Director of Riyadh Passport Office and also my Father