Dr. Mazen M. Elrougi

Assistant Professor of Systems Engineering – KFUPM


Ph.D. Dissertation (Industrial Engineering):  University of Arkansas                                                      Jan. 2005 to Nov. 2008


Modeling a complex problem (disaster relief missions) into an NP-hard scheduling problem involving parallel machines, precedence constraints, job to machine eligibility factors, ready times, weights, and due dates:

· Single objective minimizing total weighted tardiness of all relief items

· Multiple objectives , in three dimensions ( total weighted flow time, maximum earliness, and number of tardy jobs)

· Risks involved in scheduling such a complex system


Master Level Projects (Operations Research): Georgia Institute of Technology                       Aug. 2000 to Jan. 2003


· Hajj project: Designed a proposal to HRH Prince Mohammed bin Naif bin Abdulaziz, Deputy Minister of Interior for security affairs to investigate Hajj logistics and provide working solutions. The proposal was initiated in September 2002 from Georgia Tech to the ministry of interior in Saudi Arabia.

· Coca-Cola project: Involved in a group project assigned to analyze inventory at coca-cola’s main factory in Atlanta Georgia

· Singapore Petrochemical plant project: Produced a study investigating delays in crude oil transportation to Singapore’s newest petrochemical plant and methods to decrease it in May 2001

· On-Campus study: Performed a simulation study on traffic lights in the university campus and proposed alternative patterns to minimize traffic jams during rush hours 

· Developed heuristics to solve a mid-to-large size Bin-Packing problem within 6% optimality in a given course project


Bachelor Level Projects (Systems Engineering): KFUPM                                                            Aug. 1994 to June 1999


· Senior project (Zamil air conditioning factory, Dammam): Monitoring daily average assembly defects at the assembly line and proposing an easy to implement (cause and effect) procedure to top management

· Summer training (ARAMCO, Riyadh): worked at the communications department for three months and submitted a report on work simplification to minimize customer wait time



Research Projects