Multi-Objective Motion Planning of Mobile Parallel Kinematic Machines, Application to Smart Wheelchair Motion Planning and Control

Hybrid Multi-objective decision support system for directional drilling

URPI-KFUPM, Undergraduate Research Program, Initiative at KFUPM

Dynamic parameters identification of mobile robots using Hammerstein/Wiener and Extended Kalman Filter

Online Motion Planning of Mobile Parallel Kinematic Machines

Unmanned remotely controlled vehicle for security operations USAD 2

Permeability and rock mechanical properties Prediction and identification of litho-facies using latest artificial intelligence techniques

Permeability profiles prediction using 3D seismic data & open-hole logs

Crude oil PVT properties prediction using hybrid soft computing techniques

Fault diagnosis using a sequential integration of hybrid soft/hard computing

Development of artificial intelligence models to determine permeability and hydraulic units for carbonate reservoirs in Saudi Arabia

Hybrid multi-agent system for distributed control of collaborative robots

Offline Motion Planning of Mobile Parallel Kinematic Machines

Augmented Lagrangian and Neuro-Fuzzy Multi-Objective Motion Planning of Manipulator Robots

Fuzzy decision support control systems with Industrial Partners; AXOR Inc., and Cap Tech.