Eng. Abdulrahman Suliman Al-Essa




    Industrial and Systems Engineering Department


Eng. Al-Essa is a Senior Manager in Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC). Before that he was a lecturer at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM), and worked in Saudi Aramco Refinery in the downstream business line. Al-Essa graduated from KFUPM in 2005 with BS (Honors) degree in Industrial and Systems Engineer (specialized in Industrial and operation research), and MS (Honors) degree in 2011 in Systems Engineering, and earned Cornell entrepreneurship certificate in 2011. He started his career in SABIC as a Product Executive for Mono Ethylene Glycol, then Senior Product Executive for Methanol in 2012, appointed Methanol Business Manager in 2013, before being promoted as a Senior Manager of SABIC Global Supply Chain Management in 2014.


Currently, Mr. Al-Essa is interested in special researches in Industrial and Systems Engineering field, his research interests are divided between two main areas:



1- Operation Research:

- Optimization of the available resources in manufacturing.

- Optimization and computational techniques used in marketing and financial applications.


2- Production Analysis:

- Supply Chain Management (SCM)

- Productivity levels in the work place.

- Decision Making techniques.



Published Papers:

1.      Al-Essa, Abdulrahman Suliman, Developing General Economic Selection of Target Values, With Variable Specification Limits and Costs Incurred. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology 69 (2010). Present it in the International Conference on Industrial and Systems Engineering, held in Singapore in 2010.

2.      Al-Essa, Abdulrahman and Al-Yagoub, Mohammed Dynamic Optimization of Price, Warranty Length and Production Rate that Covers Shortage Penalty and Deterioration Factor. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (2011). Present it in the International Conference on Industrial Electronics and Systems Engineering, held in Venice, Italy in 2011.

General Information:

Born in 1982, Saudi, grew up in Al-Khobar city, Saudi Arabia, Al-Essa hobbies varied from exploring the concepts of old and modern designs of famous architects buildings, to travelling, walking on the beach, playing squash as his favorite sport and reading articles about latest industrial topics.


To Contact:

Email: saad_kfupm@hotmail.com

Saudi Aramco, Al-Dhahran, KSA.




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