List of Material

1. Agricultural Composting: A Feasibility Study for New York Farms

2.Free and Open Source Software

3. Silicon

4. Conducting Feasibility Study for Marketing Cooperatives

5. Climate and Atmosphere - Saudi Arabia

6. Business Blue Prints

7. Feasibility Assessment Template

8. The Changing Australian Market

9. Links

10. Kandahar Cement Factory Project

11. Order received from Saudi Arabia for large cement plant

12. Preparation for Planning a Business Venture

13. Pressing HOME will start a new search

14. Printer Friendly


16. e-VET- National Market Research Project

17. e-VET- National Market Research Project

18. e-VET- National Market Research Project

19. The Final Solution


21. University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives

22. Web links of some selected companies

23. Brief Profiles Of Investment Projects For China's Agenda 21

24. AES report


26. Western Region Fly Ash Survey

27. Developing New Products and Services

28. Using QFD to Improve Technical Support to Make Commodity Products More Competitive

29. European Virtual Engineering Network

30. Green Paper on the Future of Rules of Origin

31. Questionnaire on Sustainable Housing in Europe

32. Survey Proposal Questionnaire

33. Survey A: Road By-products

34. Marketing Research Power Point Presentation