Patents Awarded/Published/Pending


1.      Solo Patent Awarded by USPTO - M. A. Ali, “Synthesis of methyl tertiary alkyl ether from methanol and isobutene using aluminum-fluoride-modified zeolite catalysts”, United States Patent No. 6,500,992 B1, Date Awarded 22 December 2002.

2.      Joint Patent Awarded by JPO - T. Inui, T. Kimura, H. Hamid, M. A. Al-Saleh, M. A. Ali, S. Ahmed and S. A. Ali, “Catalyst for hydrogenating heavy hydrocarbon oil, its production method, and method for hydrogenating heavy hydrocarbon oil using the catalyst”, Application No. 2001008540 dated 17 January, 2001; Patent No. 3803732, Date Awarded 19 May, 2006.

3.      Joint Patent Published by USPTO – M. A. Gondal, A. Arfaj, M. A. Ali, Z. Yamani, Method for the conversion of methane into hydrogen and higher hydrocarbons using UV Laser. Publication number, 20050045467, Date Awarded March 3, 2005.

4.      Joint Saudi-Japanese Patent Pending with USPTO – M. Inui, M. A. Ali and S. A. Ali, “Multiple Zeolites Catalyst. Reel Frame 021589/0013, Serial No 12/219,927, Date Filed 30 July 2008.

5.      Joint Saudi-Japanese Patent Pending with USPTO – T. Inui, T. Kimura, M. A. Ali, M. A. Al-Saleh, and S. Ahmed. Catalyst Exhibiting Hydrogen Spillover Effect, Reel Frame 022475/0488, Serial No 12/382,737, Date Filed: 23 March 2009.

6.      Joint Patent Pending with USPTO – William M. Sackinger, Halid Hamid Redhwi, Abdullah M. Aitani and Mohammad Ashraf Ali. System and method for conversion of molecular weights of fluids. Docket No. 18692.11, Date Filed, 15 July 2009.

7.      Patents in Progress

  1.  “Selective desulfurization of heavy oils”, William M. Sackinger, Abdullah M. Aitani, M. Ashraf Ali, H. Hamid Redhwi.
  2. Multizeolite multimetal catalysts for BTX production
  3. Novel catalysts for toluene disproportionation