Selected Publications

  • Harouaka A.S. and A.U. Al-Kaabi, (1997): “Petroleum Related Rock Mechanics-Impact on the Recovery of Conventional Oil from Sandstone Reservoirs,” presented at the 15th World Petroleum Congress, Beijing, China, October 12-16.    


  • Harouaka A.S. and H. S. Al-Hashim, (2002): “Hydrocarbon Injection to Improve Recovery From Gas Condensate Reservoirs: A Simulation Approach” SPE Paper 75675 presented at the Gas Technology Symposium Held in Calgary, Canada, April 30- May 2nd


  • Harouaka A.S., (2002): “The Application of Alkaline Surfactant Polymer (ASP) Flooding in the Middle East: An Overview”, KIPCE-B13, Kuwait Int’l Pet. Conf, Kuwait, December 14-16.


  • Harouaka A.S., (2004): “Potential for Chemically Improved Oil Recovery from Oil Fields in the Middle  East” CHEMINDEX Held in Manama, Bahrain, September 27-29.